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novëm is a feel good and do good brand!

We think about every decision we make so that it is as responsible and sustainable as possible.
From our packaging to our means of delivery, we take the time to choose the solution that seems to us to be the best to contribute on our scale, to a better world.

The novëm skincare ritual

Our packaging

We select sustainable and responsible packaging.
Our face mask is in a recyclable and refillable jar . Simply put the capsule in the usual sorting tray then clip your new refill into the original jar.
The protection packs are seeded paper and made without glue, so they are completely 0 waste and plantable to see a pretty plant bloom!

Our shipping boxes are made of natural E flute cardboard with 100% virgin fiber / recovered fiber. With a Pantone print with water-based ink and we use 100% biodegradable wood fiber to protect the inside of the box.

walnut facial treatment

Our ingredients

We take care to select effective active ingredients, French and of natural origin.
You will find in our treatments walnuts from Isère, raspberries from Provence, seaweed from Brittany...
Our treatments are rated Excellent on the Yuka app and we have banned all harmful and questionable ingredients from our formulas.