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Article: 3 tips for preparing your Christmas gifts

3 astuces pour bien préparer ses cadeaux de Noël - Novëm

3 tips for preparing your Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming, and for some preparing Christmas gifts is a real chore.
Every year you tell yourself that you have time, and in the end you are overwhelmed by the number of gifts you have to make!
Who has never received a gift they did not like? The one that will remain for years in a cupboard or even in its box, like this famous knitted sweater or this cookbook while you are on a diet. Person !
That's why the Novëm team has concocted a little schedule for you that will allow you to be ready in time to place your gifts under the tree, which in addition to that, will be sure to please.

1- Idea

Pleasing those around you by being right in their desires is a challenge but it is not insurmountable.

First, make a short list of everyone's interests and passions. Even if you don't know them by heart, a
For example, someone who appreciates the cocooning atmosphere and the scent could totally fall for a scented candle !
If you want to be sure not to make a mistake, you can always directly ask the person concerned what they think would make them happy for Christmas, but it would be a shame to spoil the surprise!

Once you've managed to come up with several ideas, rank them from what the person would like the most to what they would like a little less. This classification is obviously made according to your intuition.

2- Organization

Once you have found your ideas, you have to find your gift, which is not necessarily an easy task.
Websites, physical stores but how to find your way around?

We advise you to make local trade work, your gifts will have real added value and unparalleled authenticity!
E-commerce sites allow you to project yourself and obtain a product directly in your mailbox. Our recommendation, for local, artisanal products delivered to your home:

By placing an order on our site before December 18, you can be sure that your gift will be under the tree on time. We have several Boxes that allow you to discover our treatments and our values.
We are sure they will please!

3- Purchase

The budget for Christmas gifts can quickly become substantial. This is why we advise you to spread this budget over several months in advance.
Starting your purchases in October can save you time and financial organization which is not negligible.
You may find this premature, but with this organization carried out months in advance, you could get your head above water and avoid enormous stress.

We have planned to create an Advent calendar on our Instagram account in the form of a contest in December to thank you for following us on this adventure. By participating you will try to win many prizes and surprises that will perhaps allow you to lighten your wallet for Christmas gifts. Subscribe now to not miss anything from this month of madness!

Don't forget to do it all in a good mood with a special Christmas playlist to get you in the holiday spirit.

You no longer have any excuses, you now know how to become an organized Santa Claus thanks to Novëm!

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