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Article: Why choose the short circuit in cosmetics?

Pourquoi choisir le circuit court en cosmétique ? - Novëm

Why choose the short circuit in cosmetics?

Nowadays, more and more people are aware of the importance of consuming natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic products . This is why the choice of short circuits in cosmetics is becoming more and more popular. Short circuits make it possible to bring producers and consumers closer together, by reducing intermediaries, to offer superior quality products. In this article, we will explore the reasons why you should choose short circuits in cosmetics.

What is the short circuit in cosmetics?

The short circuit in cosmetics is a method of production and distribution of cosmetic products which involves direct exchanges between the producer and the consumer, with a minimum of intermediaries . This means that ingredients are often produced locally and finished products are sold in independent cosmetic boutiques, farmers' markets or specialist online stores.

The short circuit in cosmetics focuses on the production of fresh, natural and unprocessed products, and aims to minimize environmental impact and support local producers.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The first advantage of short circuits in cosmetics is the reduction of CO2 emissions . Indeed, conventional cosmetic products can travel thousands of kilometers before reaching consumers. This distance results in greenhouse gas emissions, which have an impact on the environment. By opting for short circuits, you reduce the carbon footprint of your products, because they are produced locally, without being transported over long distances.

Fresher, healthier products

When you buy conventional cosmetic products, you don't always know how long they have been in stock. On the other hand, cosmetic products sold in short circuits are often fresher and healthier, because they are produced in small quantities and are sold quickly. Additionally, the ingredients used in these products are often more natural and less processed than those found in conventional products.

Strengthened local economies

The short circuit in cosmetics is a profitable solution for small local producers . By purchasing local ingredients, producers can reduce transportation costs and minimize waste of energy and raw materials. Local economies are strengthened by promoting the production and sale of local products.

Sustainable practices

The short circuit in cosmetics also helps promote sustainable practices by minimizing energy losses and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Local ingredients are responsibly produced and are often organic or natural, minimizing environmental damage.

The differences between conventional cosmetic products and products from the short circuit

Conventional cosmetic products are made from synthetic and chemical ingredients, often grown in remote areas or imported from abroad. These ingredients may be subjected to intensive chemical processing to make them more stable or effective, but this can have adverse health and environmental consequences.

On the other hand, cosmetic products from the short circuit are made from natural and/or organic ingredients , often grown locally or in neighboring regions. These ingredients are generally unprocessed, non-genetically modified, and free of harmful chemicals. They are also often of higher quality because they are fresh and do not need to be transported long distances.

The differences between the two types of products go far beyond ingredients. Conventional cosmetic products are often manufactured on a large scale in large-scale production factories, while short-circuit cosmetic products are often manufactured on a small scale by local artisans or small businesses . Conventional cosmetic products are generally sold in large chain stores, while locally sourced products are often sold directly by local producers or manufacturers at farmers' markets, craft fairs or online stores.

Transparency and traceability: why should you choose cosmetic products from a short supply chain?

Transparency and traceability are key elements to consider when choosing cosmetic products, and short circuits can offer you advantages in these areas.

Short circuits are shorter, more direct supply chains, where products go directly from producers to consumers, without going through intermediaries. Cosmetic products from short circuits are often made from local and natural ingredients, which guarantees better quality and greater transparency on their composition.

By choosing cosmetic products from short circuits, you can have a better guarantee of traceability , because it is easier for manufacturers to track the origin of each ingredient used in the manufacturing of their products.

Short circuits can also offer better traceability in terms of manufacturing conditions, because local producers are often more accessible and more easily controllable by consumers.

Finally, by choosing cosmetic products from short circuits, you help support the local economy and small local producers, while reducing the environmental impact of longer and more complex supply chains.

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