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Article: Walnut shell for soft skin?

La coque de noix pour une peau douce? - Novëm

Walnut shell for soft skin?

You know the nuts we love! At novëm we use walnut oil but also walnut shell powder.

Walnut shell powder for soft skin

This powder is a 100% natural and 100% biodegradable vegetable exfoliant, it is ultra effective in cosmetics to cleanse the skin in depth but also to smooth it.

Its use allows a gentle exfoliation while ensuring maximum efficiency.
Walnut shell powder therefore falls into the category of so-called mechanical exfoliants.

Mechanical exfoliation, for which type of skin?

This type of exfoliation is the most widespread, generally used on damp skin, the treatment is massaged to loosen dead cells and cleanse the skin.

Mechanical exfoliation works very well for all skin types, however for the most sensitive skin we space out the scrubs and go gently!

What are the benefits of walnut shell powder for the skin?

  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Helps eliminate dead cells and blackheads
  • Toning
  • Leaves the skin soft, clean and clear
  • Improves penetration and therefore the effectiveness of care applied after

How to use walnut shell powder?

At novëm we love using walnut shell powder for soft and smooth skin. It is used for the body in an ultra-foaming solid treatment that leaves the skin deeply nourished. For the face, this powder is used in a creamy and moisturizing face mask , a very gentle treatment for soft and plumped skin.

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