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Article: Cruelty Free cosmetics, what are they?

Les cosmétiques Cruelty Free, qu'est-ce que c'est ? - Novëm

Cruelty Free cosmetics, what are they?

Cruelty-Free cosmetics , also called "cruelty-free", are beauty products that are not tested on animals. They are made from natural or synthetic ingredients, without using animal testing to evaluate their safety or effectiveness. Companies that produce Cruelty-Free cosmetics are committed to respecting animal rights and preserving the environment.

Cruelty-Free cosmetics: A positive development

The production of Cruelty-Free cosmetics is a positive development in the beauty industry. For many years, animal testing was considered standard practice in the manufacturing of beauty products. Companies tested their products on animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and mice to evaluate their safety and effectiveness.

However, more and more people began to oppose this cruel practice and demand cruelty-free alternatives. Animal rights activists have begun speaking out against animal testing and pressuring the beauty industry to find more ethical alternatives .

In response to this demand, many companies have begun to adopt cruelty-free policies by stopping animal testing and using alternative ingredients for their products. Today, more and more Cruelty-Free cosmetics companies are emerging and offering more animal-friendly alternatives .

How to recognize a Cruelty-Free product?

There are many labels and certifications that make it easy for consumers to recognize Cruelty-Free products. The most common labels are the "Leaping Bunny" label and the "PETA Cruelty-Free" label.

The " Leaping Bunny " label is an international label that guarantees that products are not tested on animals at every stage of their development. Companies that have earned this label have passed rigorous audits to ensure they do not test on animals and do not use ingredients tested on animals.

The “ PETA Cruelty-Free ” label is another popular label that guarantees that products are not tested on animals. Companies must fill out a form to obtain this label and meet certain animal testing requirements.

In addition to these two labels, there are many other labels and certifications that guarantee that products are Cruelty-Free. Consumers can also search for information on company websites to see if they have a cruelty-free policy.

Why switch to Cruelty Free certified cosmetics?

1. Ethics

The first reason is ethical. Animal testing is often cruel and painful. Animals are kept in inhumane conditions and undergo invasive procedures that can cause pain and distress. By opting for cruelty-free products, you are helping to put an end to this practice.

2. Health

Animal testing is not only cruel, it can also be dangerous. Animals do not react the same way as humans to chemicals, which means that animal test results are not always reliable . By using products that have been tested on humans or use natural ingredients, you can ensure that you are not exposing your skin to potentially harmful products.

3. Environment

Animal testing is also harmful to the environment. Laboratory animals are usually kept in controlled conditions, which means that test results are not always representative of the natural environment. Animal testing can also cause harm to the environment due to the amount of chemicals used.

By choosing Cruelty-Free products, consumers can help reduce their impact on the environment.

4. Quality

Cruelty-free products are often of better quality than products that have been tested on animals. This can be due to several factors, such as the use of natural ingredients, absence of harmful chemicals.

5. Innovation

Choosing Cruelty-Free products can also drive innovation in the cosmetics industry. Companies that choose not to test on animals must find alternative methods to ensure their products are safe and effective. This can encourage innovation and the development of new technologies to replace animal testing .

How to switch to Cruelty-Free cosmetics?

Switching to Cruelty-Free cosmetics may seem intimidating at first, but there are several ways to get started.

Do some research

Do some research to find Cruelty-Free brands and products . Use online resources, such as websites and apps, to find products that are not tested on animals.

Read the labels

Read the labels of the products you buy. Look for labels such as "not tested on animals" or "Cruelty-Free" to ensure you are purchasing a product that meets these standards.

Support Cruelty-Free Brands

Support brands and companies that sell Cruelty-Free products by purchasing their products. Encourage companies that test on animals to adopt more ethical practices.

For example: you can support Novëm in this process! All our treatments are Cruelty Free certified. In addition, we carry out one-off actions with the SPA du Dauphiné .

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