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Article: Why is it important to have a skin diagnosis?

Pourquoi est-il important de faire un diagnostic de peau ? - Novëm

Why is it important to have a skin diagnosis?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it is constantly exposed to various factors such as UV rays, pollution, hormonal changes, poor diet, stress and much more. All of this can impact the health and appearance of your skin. That's why it's important to understand your skin's needs and take steps to care for it. And this is where skin diagnosis comes in.

What is a skin diagnosis?

A skin diagnosis is a process that analyzes your skin type, its current condition, its needs and any possible problems.

This can be done by a skin health professional, such as a dermatologist, esthetician or skin care specialist, or you can also carry out your skin diagnosis at home with the one we offer on our site : I want to do my skin diagnosis

Why is it important to have a skin diagnosis?

A skin diagnosis can help identify the characteristics of your skin, such as its type, texture, color, sensitivity and care needs. This can help you understand how to care for your skin appropriately by choosing the most suitable skin care products for your skin type and current skin condition.

A skin diagnosis can also help detect skin problems such as acne , dark spots , discoloration, excessive dryness or oily skin , as well as signs of aging such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. skin. By identifying these problems early, you can take steps to treat them before they get worse.

Another benefit of skin diagnostics is that it can help evaluate the effectiveness of your current skin care routine. If you are currently using skin care products that are not suitable for your skin type or do not meet your skin's needs, it may cause damage to your skin.

A skin diagnosis can help you identify which products work for you and which don't, allowing you to personalize your skin care routine for the best results.

How is a skin diagnosis carried out?

The skin diagnosis process may vary depending on the person or skin health professional you see. However, in general, an online skin diagnosis will include the following:

Detailed questionnaire

The skin care professional may ask you questions about your skin care routine, diet, environment, sleep habits, and history of skin problems .


You may be asked to upload photos of your face, both up close and far away, so the professional can view your skin in depth.

Automated analysis

Some online skin diagnostic tools use algorithms to analyze photos of your skin and provide an automatic assessment of your skin condition. This may include information about your skin's texture, age spots, wrinkles, elasticity and hydration.

Personalized advice

Based on the results of the analysis, the skin care professional can provide you with personalized advice on how to best care for your skin.

At the end of your skin diagnosis carried out on our site, you benefit from a completely personalized care routine based on your skin type and its needs.

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