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Article: 3 good reasons to eat nuts during pregnancy

3 bonnes raisons de manger des noix pendant la grossesse - Novëm

3 good reasons to eat nuts during pregnancy

Nuts are great, but did you know they are good for you and your baby during pregnancy?

1- Promote good transit

Wearing life can disrupt your hormones as well as your transit. This discomfort can be painful and problematic during your pregnancy. The walnut is an antioxidant rich in dietary fiber that helps promote good digestion and prevent constipation.

2- Improve baby's brain development

There is evidence that eating nuts during your pregnancy will benefit the baby.

A study published in May 2019 in the European Journal of Epidemiology , proved that eating nuts regularly during the first trimester of pregnancy would improve the neurological development of the baby.
2,200 mothers were observed in Spain, from the beginning of their pregnancy until their children reached the age of 8.
Moms' eating habits were changed to include nuts, which weren't actually in their diet.
As a result of this long observation, the researchers were able to analyze that the group of children whose mother had eaten nuts during the first trimester of pregnancy obtained better results in tests measuring cognitive function, attention span especially memory.

And this, only by eating 30 grams of nuts per week during their first trimester of pregnancy.

3 - Very good snack

The nut is rich in vitamin B and E , calcium and trace elements which constitute a real nutritional value for your pregnancy.

Eating nuts would bring the effect of satiety more quickly thanks to its high fiber content. It is an ideal and healthy appetite suppressant during small cravings
Do not panic: even if the nuts are rich in lipids, they will not make you fat! Provided you consume a reasonable amount (a handful per day) because not all of its calories are absorbed in the body.

So, are you going to favor nuts during your pregnancy? In any case, the novëm team recommends it!

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