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Why is it important to cleanse your skin?

Cleansing your skin can be a laborious task or even a chore for some, or on the contrary can be a moment of happiness and the most awaited moment of the day for others.
But do you know why it is important to cleanse your skin well with a suitable cleanser?
At Novëm, we have a team with diverse and varied experiences on this subject, which is why we have made a summary of them to allow you to pick the best.

Why wash your face?

Cleansing your face is a way to remove all the impurities accumulated throughout the day or after a good night's sleep.


Sebum is a complex mixture of lipids synthesized under hormonal stimulation by the sebaceous glands present in the dermis. It contributes in particular to the hydration of your skin and brings lipophilic antioxidants (lipophilic = which has an affinity for fats) to the skin surface.

In a more common language, it is a greasy film which is deposited on your face (more often on the T zone of the face). This sebum serves, in part, to protect your skin, in particular against oxidation due to UV rays.

This sebum is created thanks to vitamin E, naturally present in our body. This vitamin E helps nourish your skin as well as give it its elasticity. You can find all the benefits of Vitamin E in our blog article “The benefits of vitamin E”


Pollution is a very harmful factor for our skin. It has become more and more important for the protection of our skin in recent years.

This pollution directly impacts our skin. It can be the cause of skin dryness, pimples, redness or even a dull complexion.

dead cells

Dead cells are by no means a problem for your skin. On the contrary, your cell regeneration is active and working properly.

However, the dead cells form a thin organic film on the skin , which surrounds the new skin layers and thus hinders the "breathing" and regeneration of the skin .

They must therefore be removed to allow the skin to breathe.


When you put on makeup, whether you put on foundation or just powder, you clog the pores of your skin. She can no longer breathe.
In addition, some cosmetics have a composition that is harmful to your skin, with allergens, comedogenic or even carcinogenic components.


When should you clean your face?

Nowadays there are 2 schools: the one that says you should wash your face only once a day and the one that suggests doing it twice a day.

At Novëm, we don't suggest anything to you and we don't oblige you to do anything. Each skin is different, each skin has different needs. If you feel the need to cleanse your face only in the morning or evening: do it! If, on the contrary, more is needed: do it too!

The morning

Morning cleansing will remove the excess sebum accumulated throughout the night. Sleeping remains an effort for your body despite being relaxed. This is why we sweat in our sleep.

In the morning we advise you to use lukewarm water, cold limit. This temperature will awaken your spirit, your skin and invigorate it. Also, lukewarm cold water will help improve your complexion.

To complete this cleansing you can optimize the hydration of your face thanks to the Complete Face Routine , which includes our day cream with hyaluronic acid as well as our face oil with CBD .

The evening

Cleansing your skin in the evening will remove all the impurities accumulated throughout the day. Like for example make-up, pollution or even dead cells as previously mentioned.
You may have less enthusiasm to do it than in the morning, and yet it is one of the most important because your skin has been confronted with the outside world and has struggled all day to protect itself from aggression.

With our make-up remover cleansing balm, your routine will take a new turn! No need to remove make-up, then wet your face, soap and rinse. You will save time and your skin will experience a real moment of happiness.

3 to 4 pumps are enough. You then apply it directly to your dry and still made-up face. Gently massage in, insisting on heavy areas such as the eyes and mouth. Rinse with lukewarm water this time. This temperature will allow you to remove stubborn impurities and relax your muscles and your mind. Then enjoy the softness of your skin.

You can complete this cleansing with Huile Joli Minoix which will bring a touch of hydration to your skin without leaving a greasy finish.

What cleansers are right for your skin?

All skin types are different and therefore have different needs. A treatment dedicated to dry skin will probably not be compatible with oily skin.
It is important to choose the right cleanser, to allow for optimal efficiency and results.

Cleanser for oily skin

We mentioned earlier that we create sebum throughout the day or during our sleep, oily skin produces excess. They therefore have an excess of sebum. Visible mainly on the T zone (forehead, nose, chin).
It is therefore important to favor cleansers:
  • Purifiers
  • Alcohol-free
  • Without soap
  • natural
  • Non comedogenic

Cleanser for dry skin

Dry skin, on the other hand, has excessive skin dryness, even extreme in some cases.
It is therefore advisable to provide a moisturizing and nourishing protective film.
It is therefore important to favor cleansers:
  • Soft
  • Moisturizers
  • nutritious
  • Without perfume
  • natural

Cleanser for combination skin

Combination skin is a more specific case: they have an oily T zone and dry cheeks. They must therefore use the same care as oily skin, but less harsh and less aggressive.

To complete this cleaning without forgetting the fact that they have dry cheeks, it is advisable to use a moisturizer that does not leave a greasy finish. Our Moisturizing Day Cream has a soft and comforting texture, without greasing the skin and accentuating shine.

Cleanser for atopic skin

Atopic skin encompasses several types of skin problems:
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
And many others…
It is advisable to be extremely careful about the composition of the care used.
It is therefore important to give preference to cleansers:
  • Soft
  • natural
  • Without perfume
  • Alcohol-free
  • Preservative free
  • With a reduced number of ingredients

Thanks to its 99.99% ingredients of natural origin, our Cleansing Balm is suitable for all skin types!
It will be able to remove make-up and cleanse your skin gently, without greasing or leaving a greasy finish on your skin.

Do not panic for those who have oily, combination or even acne-prone skin: the probiotics contained in it will help rebalance the skin.

You now know why it is important to cleanse your skin and especially HOW to do it in a pleasant way!

You no longer have any reason to skip this time of day thanks to Novëm

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