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Why switch to natural cosmetics?

For several years now, natural cosmetics have been taking more and more space in our bathroom as well as in our routines.
Not only are these cosmetics better for the planet, but also for your skin.
Find out why and how to switch to natural cosmetics .

who is it than a natural cosmetic ?

A natural cosmetic is a treatment that is composed (mandatory) of natural ingredients , therefore resulting from and coming from nature . This can mean that they can be of plant , animal (terrestrial or marine) or mineral . These ingredients are not necessarily certified organic. And at Novëm we do not use any component of animal origin, moreover we are certified Cruelty Free.

There is no legal definition strictly speaking for natural cosmetic products, but what can be summed up is that these are treatments using and containing few chemical or synthetic substances.

Why switch to natural cosmetics?

There are many reasons that can make it possible to switch to natural cosmetics. The benefits are part of one of the main ones.

The benefits of natural cosmetics

Our skin is put to the test throughout the day. It fights against the many external aggressions which are more and more numerous and more and more tough:

  • Pollution : it can be the cause of skin dryness, pimples, redness or even a dull complexion.
  • UVs: main cause of premature skin aging
  • Outside temperatures: the cold will dry out the skin while the heat will grease it

But also those that we inflict on ourselves, such as makeup or the care that we apply to our skin.
Makeup will clog the pores of the skin, which will prevent it from breathing.
Natural cosmetics will target the needs of your skin while having a so-called “ clean ” composition.
Our skin is already attacked enough throughout the day, no need to add products with a composition comedogenic , full of allergens, even with carcinogenic risks.

The eco-responsible commitment of natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics are better for your skin, but not only. They are also better for the planet.

Exclude pollutants

More and more laboratories and cosmetics companies tend to limit or even totally exclude components derived from petrochemicals. These components are harmful for your skin, but also for the planet.


To create these chemical components, it is necessary to call upon laboratories and factories which use highly polluting means.


Once you use it and wash your face, these chemicals find their way into our planet's seas and groundwater.

They cannot dissolve and disappear. They therefore alter the life of marine flora and fauna.

Limit the use of packaging

To carry out this concept of eco-responsibility, it is preferable to use as little packaging and packaging as possible for the products. If they are necessary, it is better to use recycled and recyclable materials.

All the packaging and packaging of our treatments Novëm are. We use eco-designed packaging from agri-food waste. In addition, our vials and jars are made of glass which allows endless use. Like for example our Exfoliating Mask which has a refill, once finished, you just have to insert it. No need to throw the pot away.

Consume local

Putting the well-being of suppliers at the heart of this eco-responsible approach is very important.

At Novëm, we are partners of There Farm Michallet . This company of nuciculture located in the Grenoble region, provides us with all the walnut oil that is found in all our treatments.

Consume local can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of products.

How do you know if a cosmetic is natural?

To say that a cosmetic is natural is one thing, but to prove it is another.

At present, a lot of “ Green washing ” is being done. The Green washing or “greenwashing” in French, is a marketing and public relations process used by an organization to give themselves a misleading image of their eco-responsible commitment . Most of the time, the expenses granted relate more to advertising than to real actions in favor of the environment and sustainable development .

A few tips let you know if a cosmetic is really natural.

The number of ingredients

Checking the composition of a product remains a very important step in the process of purchasing natural cosmetics.

Completing this verification will not take you a lot of time, because it's all about numbers.

The list of components should be quite brief. The more ingredients there are, the less the cosmetic is likely to be natural.

The shorter it is, the better.

Attention : there is no specific length. For example, at Novëm , our list of ingredients may seem quite long, and yet our skincare products are at least 98% natural .


Some labels can help you know if a treatment is natural or not, for example:

  • The certification VEGAN
  • Cruelty Free
  • Cosmebio
  • Nature
  • French quality
  • Nature and Progress

And many others !

How to pass with natural cosmetics ?

Switching to a completely natural routine doesn't happen overnight.

Several steps are necessary to be sure of having the right method.


Switching to natural cosmetics comes from a need to go back to basics. The fact of believing that by ceasing to use chemical treatments, which are harmful to your skin, you can also contribute to the preservation of the environment. On your scale of course, but there are no big changes without small gestures.

To sort

To begin with, appointment in your bathroom, take all your cosmetics and sort them out.

We know that parting with something you appreciate is complicated, even heartbreaking. This step will only be done if you have the click and you feel ready to switch to natural cosmetics.

This sorting will take some time, especially if you have a lot of care. But it will benefit you and your skin. This is when you will learn more about what ingredients are good or bad for your skin.

To recycle

Once you've sorted it out, don't throw not directly all packaging in the trash! Remember to sort them too!

Start by emptying the flasks, bottles and jars that still have products, then put set aside all packaging that can be recycled in the recycling bin: the green trash can.

No need to put them in a plastic bag.


Before proceeding with the purchase of your new routine, you must carry out a watch. Which consists of looking for and comparing all the natural treatments that you like and that could correspond to your skin type.

At the house of Novëm , all of our treatments correspond to all types of skin as well as all the needs. This will make your job even easier.


This transition operates once these two steps have been completed. Then you have to buy the products. Before buying a complete routine, start by testing a few treatments.

At the house of Novëm , when you place an order, you can leave a note to specify which treatments you would like to test. Once the order has been placed, our team will take care of slipping them into your package.

Once you have found the care that suits you the most, you can therefore record the fact that you are switching to natural cosmetics !

Attention ! No pressure on this transition. It should be done when you feel ready.

This blog post is in no way a judgment call for people who don't want to switch to natural cosmetics, it's simply a list of tips for those who want to, but don't know where to start.

You now know why and how to switch to natural cosmetics!

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