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Focus on our cleansing balm

Since now mid-November you have noticed the new kid who has arrived: our Melting Cleansing Balm benefits from three textures in a single treatment. Morning and evening, you can use it for gentle and effective cleansing

A watchword: relaxation!

Use of Novëm Cleansing Balm

First, squeeze 3-4 pumps into your hand, this amount is enough to cleanse your entire face. You may notice that it has a gel texture at first. Then rub the balm in both hands to heat it up. Then gently massage your entire dry face for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The texture then becomes a creamy balm with a sweet and very gourmet scent. Once this step has been completed, rinse your face with lukewarm water: magic, the balm turns into milk! 

This cleansing balm can be used at two times of the day: morning and/or evening.

The morning

Perform all the previous steps in the same way, but you can replace lukewarm water with cold water. This technique is made for the most courageous and who need a good boost to wake up!

The evening

This cleansing balm has the particularity of also being a make-up remover. All you have to do is massage the balm directly onto your still made-up face. No pre-makeup removal is necessary, that's the beauty of this balm! Feel free to accentuate heavy areas like your eyes (eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara…) or even the mouth which can often wear lipstick.
Our cleansing balm is made with natural ingredients like probiotics.


Probiotics are microorganisms whose main role is to rebalance the skin . What is called the microbiota, has a protective function for the skin barrier of your skin. The benefits of probiotics are numerous.

You are surely familiar with its oral use, which balances or rebalances the intestinal flora. But further studies have proven that using this microorganism for the skin is very interesting. The microbiome of our skin (which is in set of microorganisms) when it is disturbed, reacts in its own way: acne, excess sebum, dull, fragile skin prone to many skin infections. 

Several things can be the cause, such as stress, fatigue or even washing your skin with a soap with a pH that is too high. We must then react and rebalance this microbiome.

hyaluronic acid

This molecule is naturally present in several fluids and tissues of our body. Its role is to quench and plump up our skin. This is what gives it its elasticity and bounce. 

As we age, our body gradually loses its hyaluronic acid content, which is why it is advisable to provide it by other means, such as daily use of Creams , Oils or concentrated treatments of this molecule.

walnut oil

We don't present it to you anymore... But we're going to do it anyway!

The walnut is an exceptional ingredient for the skin. Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acid, it allows your skin to be nourished in depth while apprehending the first signs of aging . 

Despite what you might think, walnut oil is as suitable for dry, dehydrated skin as it is for oily skin prone to acne problems . The fluid will quickly penetrate the tissues and speed up the healing process.


Our Balm is a nugget used on its own, but can be even more magical for your skin if you use a complete adapted routine! This is why we advise you to hydrate yourself well after cleansing your face.

It is necessary to moisturize your skin well after each wash, despite everything, your skin is attacked, and this, by several factors: water temperature, limestone, dry your face with a towel.

Our Day Cream will be perfect to complete your routine, it is also made up of the same main ingredients as our balm, which will optimize the hydration of your skin as well as its rebound.

The Complete Face Routine contains 3 treatments allowing your skin to be cleansed, hydrated and nourished with:

  • Pretty minoix oil
  • The moisturizing day cream
  • Make-up remover cleansing balm

Test our cleansing balm now to give yourself a real moment of relaxation and happiness!

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