5 astuces pour booster votre système immunitaire en hiver - Novëm

5 tips to boost your immune system in winter

Winter maybe a season that puts a strain on our bodies and our morale.
That's why it's important to boost your immune system, inside and out!
Novëm unearthed you 5 super tips for having all the energy you need during this season.

1. Adapt your diet

Choose foods that will give you energy .
To have good immunity , you must have a good diet. And that means consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables. Forget the avocados, the strawberries still have the banana.


Garlic is your best ally for the winter. It is a natural antibiotic because it is made up of allicins. Allicin is a molecule that is naturally antibacterial and antiviral. Something to counter the big winter flu.

citrus fruits

Don't overlook the power of citrus fruits! They are packed with vitamin C which will help to regain renewed energy. They are well known for reducing fatigue and increasing the positivity rate.
What could be better than having bananas thanks to grapefruit, oranges or even lemons?


We talk about it a lot... But not enough for the taste of the team Novëm !
Walnuts are one of the most underrated foods to boost your immune system. We often forget that it is rich in natural fatty acids, vitamin E and proteins which together help to fight against fatigue caused by low temperatures.

They are consumed at any time: for breakfast, for lunch with a Pumpkin Risotto where you will come and place a few kernels on top, at 4 p.m. with a slice of Walnut Tart to taste and for dinner in oil which will enhance your salad.
Natural appetite suppressant, they won't even make you gain weight!

Take dietary supplements

Food supplements are perfect for perfecting your diet adapted for this winter. There are several types of food supplements that can target each need. In winter, it is recommended to take:
  • Vitamin C
  • Marine magnesium
  • Cod liver oil : it doesn't look appetizing, I grant you, but you won't taste it since you're ingesting it like a pill.

2. Drink drinks full of vitamins

If you have a little trouble chewing fruits or vegetables, you can drink them in the form of a smoothie or even a soup for salty food lovers!
For sweet smoothies, you have several different compositions to fill up with vitamins:
  • Spinach-Apple-Lemon
  • Oranges-Ginger-Turmeric
  • Cabbage red-Mango
And many others !
For soups, winter last we we trained with the whole team Novëm to achieve the better comforting soup and here is our list of winners:
  • Pumpkin velouté and almond milk
  • Sweet potato, leek and coconut milk soup
  • Mushroom soup
Do not hesitate to test new combinations, your soups can only be better and authentic!

3. Smile/Laugh

This tip might make you smile (we are delighted to be able to help you boost your immunities ) but laughter is proven to boost your body's immune system . Laughter increases the defenses of the whole body, which at the same time stimulates the production of antibodies.

It's good for your body, but also for your morale and your abs!

4. Rest

Good restorative sleep is almost essential for all the tips put in place to work. Sleep allows your body to boost the effectiveness of essential T cells within the immune system.

5. Practice a physical activity

We agree that there is a big dissonance between this tip and the previous one , but it's not impossible!

Sport allows blood and oxygen to flow faster into the body, which in turn activates and improves the immune system .

You have all the cards in hand to spend a winter away from fatigue and low morale!

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