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Ingredient focus: CBD and cosmetics, a revolution?

Focus on the CBD present in our Joli Minoix relaxing face oil!

What is CBD?

CBD oil is an oil based on cannabidiol. It is increasingly used in the field of cosmetics. It contains very interesting virtues to solve skin problems, including vitamin E, omega 3 and 6.

The history of CBD and its discovery:

  • 2737 BC: Emperor Sheng Nung used cannabis tea to alleviate various illnesses.
  • The 1930s: Chemist Robert S. Cahn discovers the partial structure of cannabinol, also known as CBN.
  • 1940: Chemist Roger Adams is the first to successfully isolate the first cannabinoid, cannabidiol (CBD).
  • 1980 - 1990: CBD was used as a treatment for psychosis as well as anxiety.
  • 1996: California legalizes cannabis for medical use, along with Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Main, Hawaii, Nevada and Colorado in subsequent years.
  • The 2000s: The therapeutic potential of CBD comes to the fore.

How to use CBD?

We can find different forms of CBD care on the market, such as face oils, hair oils, repairing creams and moisturizing balms.
In order to make the most of the benefits of CBD, it is often combined with shea butter with moisturizing properties, essential oils as well as vegetable oils such as walnut oil.

At novëm you can find our Joli Minois face oil with CBD. This moisturizing, relaxing and soothing oil reduces redness and inflammation of your skin while regulating your sebum production. Its regenerative properties slow down skin aging and maintain its elasticity.

And at the level of the law?

Since CBD is not recognized as a narcotic product, its marketing is therefore not prohibited, however, it must meet a certain number of criteria. For example, the THC level must be zero in order not to be subject to a ban.


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The Guide to CBD

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