France Bleu Isère x Novëm - Novëm

France Bleu Isère x Novëm

Great news ! Our first commercial was on the radio!

Novëm had the great opportunity to make its brand known to a new audience via a radio commercial on the France Bleu Isère platform.

The Novëm x France Bleu Isère story is not new! After articles, interviews, and commercials, we were able to introduce you to Novëm, talk about our values ​​but also our motivations for changing the field of cosmetics.

We are very proud of the change in mentalities concerning cosmetics; more and more consumers are paying attention to the composition of their care. They are also more and more likely to opt for more natural, more sustainable cosmetics.

By discovering our range of products , you will also discover the know-how of our partners in the Grenoble area. We are grateful to you for trusting Novëm to guide you in a PDO walnut skin care; 100% natural, vegan, and without questionable ingredients!

Do not hesitate to listen to France Bleu Isère to listen to our first commercial!

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