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Article: Why make an exfoliating mask?

Pourquoi faire un masque exfoliant? - Novëm

Why make an exfoliating mask?

Scrubs and masks are necessary to have beautiful skin every day. The exfoliation will allow it to eliminate dead cells while the mask will allow the skin to absorb all its active ingredients.

The importance of exfoliating your skin

The exfoliation is an important step in your beauty routine because used correctly, this treatment will allow you to eliminate the dead cells of your skin and restore its natural radiance.
Exfoliating your skin should be an essential part of our face care routine, for all skin types!

How to properly exfoliate your skin?

Our tip for gently exfoliating your skin is to moisten your face and apply your scrub in circular movements without ever rubbing.
This action will eliminate dead cells and help cell renewal in your skin.

The importance of making a face mask?

The mask is an essential treatment to do after exfoliation because it helps to restore the hydrolipidic film (protective film on the surface of the skin). In addition, after a scrub your skin is freed of its impurities and the active ingredients present in the treatment are better absorbed by the epidermis, which makes it more effective.

Our solution? The exfoliating and hydrating face mask!

At novëm we know how essential these steps are for your skin and it is for this reason that we have developed our 2-in-1 exfoliating and moisturizing facial treatment.
This treatment allows a gentle exfoliating action thanks to the walnut shell powder and once applied, all you have to do is leave the treatment on for about fifteen minutes so that your skin absorbs all the mask's active ingredients.
After this treatment your skin will regain all its radiance but also a finer skin texture without imperfections.

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