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Article: Ingredient focus: prebiotics, soon in all skincare products?

Focus ingrédient : les prébiotiques, bientôt dans tous les soins ? - Novëm

Ingredient focus: prebiotics, soon in all skincare products?

The novëm team offers you a new ingredient focus on the prebiotics present in our day care! Discover the particularities of your skin and become an expert in cosmetics!

What are prebiotics?

The skin is made up of several layers of cells within which live micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi… These micro-organisms make up the microbiota more commonly known as the skin flora.

Good bacteria and good fungi can act as a shield for your skin to fight against external aggressions; dust, pollution etc. All attacks on the skin can unbalance the microbiota of the skin!

Prebiotics rebalance the skin and get rid of "bad" bacteria, feeding only the beneficial bacteria ! Probiotics also protect and rebalance the skin!

But then what is the difference between prebiotic and probiotic?

Probiotics regulate the skin by limiting inflammation, these are called "good" bacteria.

These prebiotics and probiotics are more and more necessary, our daily life being affected by pollution , stress , the sun , but also certain cosmetics . For healthy skin, without inflammation and without excess sebum, we must regulate our microbiota , repair and protect our skin barrier thanks to active ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics.

How does Novëm use them?

These active ingredients that regulate the microbiota of our skin are and will be the future of cosmetics, which is why at Novëm we offer you treatments with these revolutionary ingredients. Discover our new treatment; the day cream composed of a prebiotic cocktail as well as walnut oil and hyaluronic acid.


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