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Article: Apps to analyze your cosmetics

Les applis pour analyser vos cosmétiques - Novëm

Apps to analyze your cosmetics

Today we are talking to you about the three best applications to analyze your cosmetics.

Who has never had a headache just trying to read the ingredient lists on the packaging of their cosmetics? Fortunately, applications have been born and help us to decipher each ingredient.
We have selected the 3 best for you.


The Yuka application is surely one of the most used. Thanks to the latter, we can know the hidden side of food products but also of 100,000 cosmetic products. The result of the scan is easy to read: a color code from red to green and a score from 0 to 100 assigned to your products.

INCI Beauty

Application specialized in cosmetics, which classifies products from “good” to “at risk/controversial”. Each scan of the barcode results in the display of the list of product components, as well as a sheet detailing each ingredient.

Clean Beauty

This application works a little differently from the others. You do not have to scan the label of your product but take a picture of the composition of the product. Clean Beauty offers you an explanation for each ingredient.

Take the test, tell us which one you prefer!

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