Pourquoi utiliser un gommage? - Novëm

Why use a scrub?

A facial care routine changes from person to person, and it is important to adapt it to your skin type.
However, the essential of our bathroom is the exfoliator. Whether chemical or grain, there is something for all tastes and all skin types.

Find out why it's important to use a scrub and which one is right for you.

The role of exfoliation

The exfoliation eliminates dead cells on our skin, it refines the skin texture to give a smooth finish and finally it stimulates cell renewal.

In addition, its use prepares the skin to receive your care, such as a moisturizer for example.

Types of scrubs

There are 2 types of scrubs:

- Scrub with chemical action (enzymatic), where there is no need to rub on application.

- Scrub with mechanical action , the one with grain. We also talk about natural exfoliation because the exfoliant can be fruit-based for example, or like at novëm: nut-based!

The frequency of exfoliation

The exfoliation is to be practiced once or twice a week , before the application of a care product for the face or the body.

It should not be abused because it is necessary to let the skin rest and renew itself.


Do not hesitate to leave us a comment by sharing your favorite exfoliators and scrubs!

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