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Article: 3 minutes with... Céline Ruffet, founder of l'Infuseur.

3 minutes avec... Céline Ruffet, fondatrice de l'Infuseur. - Novëm

3 minutes with... Céline Ruffet, founder of l'Infuseur.

3 minutes with it's a section with interviews with inspiring people. To give themselves ideas, courage and discover their favorite applications.

Today, we are talking with Céline Ruffet, founder of l'Infuseur.

L'infuseur, a pioneering brand of high-end natural infusions, offers a collection of unique herbal and tea blends, rich in taste and benefits.

The infuser in a few lines?
L'infuseur is a French house of plants and teas that offers exceptional blends that reconcile pleasure and benefits. Because doing good on the inside is seen on the outside.

The motivation behind this project?
The infuser is a real choice of life, a return rich in meaning to naturalness, a breath, a claimed deceleration, a desire to get out of the ambient frenzy to reconnect with its own rhythm.

Your relaxing routine/ What do you do when you need a break and refocus?
It's very varied! a walk in the woods to breathe, a game of Uno with my daughters to disconnect, a weekend at my girlfriend Marie's in the countryside to laugh, listen to music to dream...I manage to refocus myself quite easily and obviously the Yoga and meditation practice helps me a lot @tigreyogaclub which I am practicing online right now and

The apps on your phone that you can't live without? PictureThis an app that I use to recognize flowers, plants, trees when I walk around. It is magic ! Spotify because I listen to music all the time and a lot of podcasts. I really want to test Alma Studio, the app created by Martin Solveig which offers lots of stories for 3 to 10 year olds. Finally I also have a toc with the weather forecast that I watch all the time!

3 minutes with... Céline Ruffet, founder of l'Infuseur.

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