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Article: 3 minutes with Camille Azoulai, co-founder of Funky Veggie.

3 minutes avec Camille Azoulai, co-fondatrice de Funky Veggie. - Novëm

3 minutes with Camille Azoulai, co-founder of Funky Veggie.

Funky Veggie in a nutshell?

Funky Veggie is the quirky start-up that democratizes products that are first of all super gourmet, but also 100% natural and with an irreproachable composition. Our mission: to support the movement towards a more natural and more plant-based diet, at the same time better for oneself and the planet, through pleasure products accessible to all. Our conviction? You just have to have fun to do good!

The motivation behind this project?

From a personal point of view, the desire to give meaning to what I do on a daily basis, to bring my small stone to the building. It's my version of the hummingbird! At the root of the project, there is a real awareness of the impact of food on health and the environment in particular: on the horizon of 9 billion in 2050, we cannot not continue like this. On the other hand, we think that a global evolution can only take place if it is experienced in pleasure, and if it includes everyone, without radically changing our lifestyles but by going there gradually, in a positive way. This is the famous "snowball effect". At Funky Veggie, we believe that it is better to have a majority of people who are perfectly imperfect, but who do their best, rather than a minority who do everything perfectly but who are ultimately marginal and polarizing! We therefore strive to support consumers (and ourselves!) towards better food for themselves and the planet, but 1 love at a time, and without us even realizing it!

Your relaxing routine/ What do you do when you need a break and refocus?

When I feel overwhelmed or just need a break, I go out for a walk and I breathe, I get some air. Otherwise, in the morning I take the time to write a little and take out my "mental trash cans", then meditate for about ten minutes. As much as possible, I try to take lunch breaks at home, alone, to cook for my own pleasure and my creativity. In short, integrate a bit of nothing and space into my daily life!

The apps on your phone that you can't live without?

It's not very "funky" but they are the ones I use the most on a daily basis!

- Whatsapp for work, Gmail, necessarily for emails, Instagram for inspiration and monitoring

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