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We re-invent your rituals

A 360 and holistic approach to beauty: this is our mission. Slow life and feel good rituals for relaxing moments at home.

An ever more responsible commitment: a simplified, natural, effective well-being routine, without controversial ingredients.

Our treatments are made with love in France and use recycled, recyclable, refillable and plantable packaging!

Exfoliating and moisturizing walnut mask

We live at 1,000 miles an hour, with always the pressure to do well, to do better, to consume more, to get into the nails and to always surpass ourselves.

I love the idea of ​​pushing your limits, but sometimes you have to learn to say stop, take the time, take a break and listen to yourself.

I imagined novëm as a world where you escape and where you take the time to do yourself good. Like a sanctuary of well-being where the ideal is to do what you want as you want: drink a herbal tea while putting on a mask, take a bath while listening to your podcast, massage your body or watch the images of a book lying on our table.

Through novëm I want to make the best use of what nature offers us, starting with oilseeds, dear to my childhood region.

novëm is taking the time to discover what is around us with always the same mantra: slow your life, feel good."

Maegan, founder of novëm

Maegan Rocca, founder of novëm