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Article: Walnut shell figurines: your children will love them!

Les figurines en coquille de noix : vos enfants vont les adorer ! - Novëm

Walnut shell figurines: your children will love them!

Like the whole novëm team, you love nuts, but you don't know how to recycle their empty shells? It's simple and this trick will appeal to the whole family, especially the little ones!

Small walnut shell figurines, totally customizable and leaving room for everyone's imagination.

It is a fun method that teaches children from an early age that recycling can be done in various ways and while having fun!

Necessary material

To make these little figurines you will have to equip yourself, in order to be able to create as many as possible!
  • Nuts (again, and again!)
  • Paint
  • Stickers
  • Sequins
And many more, to leave room for your creativity!

crack the nuts

Of course, for the nut shells to be empty, they must be broken.
Break the shells lengthwise, this will allow you to open them without destroying them. The hull will be intact and you can then carry out your personalization on an optimal surface.

All the nuts can be used to make a walnut pie that will please the whole family with its sweet and comforting taste (250g of kernels is necessary).

Decorate them

Once empty, the walnut shells can then be decorated!

These little figurines will find a special place in your home but especially in the hearts of your children, because they are the ones who will have taken them straight from their imagination!

And for those most nostalgic for a time when nothing was fun, you can very easily create a boat/nutshell; by inserting a mast made of a branch glued to the Patafix at the bottom of a half-shell. All you have to do is hoist a large maple or oak leaf sail and launch it.

Don't hesitate to post your miniatures on your Instagram account and tag @novemlab on it, we can't wait to see them!

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