Les premiers signes de l’âge sur la peau : comment les appréhender ? - Novëm

The first signs of aging on the skin: how to apprehend them?

We all know that seeing the signs of aging isn't necessarily satisfying or flattering.

And yet, it is natural! We cannot stop them, but we can nonetheless apprehend and delay them. Thanks to several small tips, Novëm will help you during this sometimes difficult period for some people, with many ways to slow down the effects of time on our skin.

How to recognize the first signs of aging on the skin?

When we talk about the signs of the skin, we automatically think of wrinkles . Admittedly, these are the most visible and common effects, but there are more.

Wrinkles and fine lines

In a first time, we would like to tell you that wrinkles and fine lines are not the same.
Wrinkles form with sagging skin and when the furrow is more than a millimeter deep. However, fine lines are smaller, they are between 0.2 millimeters and 0.9 millimeters. Beyond this size, they are considered wrinkles.
There are two types of wrinkles:

Expression wrinkles

They are caused by the repeated contraction of certain facial muscles . Like for example the frown line which is between the eyebrows and which appears when you frown the face regularly, or even the "crow's feet" wrinkle which is located at the outer corner of the eyes, this appears when you pleat often eyes, laughing or smiling.

Aging wrinkles

These wrinkles are caused by the slackening of the skin itself caused by the aging of the skin .
Among these wrinkles, you can count neck wrinkles , furrow wrinkles nasolabial which are on the wings of your nose, or the “sun wrinkles” which are In fact those around the mouth.

Sagging skin

The skin tends to lose tone and elasticity over time. This is why you may find that your face sags over time.

Adopt a new diet

To understand these effects of time, you can now adopt a new diet. The change first takes place inside your body. This is why it is advisable to ingest foods that contain natural fats. For example :
  • Lawyers
  • vegetable oils
  • Seeds

But also and mostly… Nuts !

In nuts, there is a vitamin essential to the good health of the skin and its elasticity: vitamin E.
You can also take vitamin E supplements to supplement your new diet.

Reorganize your routine skincare

Over time, your skin has more specific needs. Fighting the signs of aging requires a routine skincare daily, regular and complete.
You should also incorporate vitamin E into your care after doing so in your diet.

In addition, you no longer have to neglect your neck and décolleté when you realize it.

Cleanse, nourish and soothe are the watchwords.
Cleansing must be gentle and moisturizing, with our Cleansing Balm , you will spend a real moment of happiness removing impurities from your skin thanks to its balm texture and its delicious smell.

Nutrition will be optimal with our Day Cream thanks to the combination of hyaluronic acid , prebiotics and walnut oil which rebalances the skin flora, hydrates the dermis and epidermis.

You can soothe your skin by adding 2 to 3 drops of our Huile Joli Minoix , which will complete hydration of your skin by soothing your mind since it is enriched with organic vegetable oils (walnut, sesame and sweet almond) , in walnut oil rich in antioxidant vitamin E and with 2% of CBD.

Activate your epidermis

To activate and boost your epidermis, it is advisable to perform facial massages in the morning and/or evening.

You can bring accessories such as a gua- sha or a jade roller to make work easier and more enjoyable.

The goal is to stretch your skin outwards from your face, which would activate your skin's blood circulation and your skin's cell regeneration faster.

But remember that it is normal to age and to feel the effects.

By following all of these tips, however, you can curb these effects and opt for a healthy routine for your body and mind!

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